Team V Architecture

Team V Architecture is a young yet highly experienced firm of architects, established by Jeroen van Schooten, Do Janne Vermeulen and Gerard van Hoorn in 2013. The name Team V reflects our philosophy; we are true team players – not just within our firm, but in particular in our collaborations with other parties. Our approach is to combine the talents of individuals in a team.  Team V puts the joint result first. We bring our collective expertise with complex projects to the table. In every process we make use of the competencies of others. Together we create the best possible result.

Team V has a broad base of knowledge and experience. At the same time, we have the flexibility and agility of a young firm, with the ability to respond optimally to new opportunities in these changing times. In our teamwork approach, there is no distinction between designers and technical engineers – we all work together in one large, open space. Our designers stay involved during the realization of the buildings, while our technical engineers are already engaged at the preliminary design stage. Technology is implemented at the basis of every concept, as opposed to being applied later. The design develops in dialogue between people, talking, listening, modelling and drawing. Instead of following established paths, we look for new possibilities which are both realistic and adventurous.

Vision on sustainability

Sustainability and technology are part of the foundation of each plan, rather than being an afterthought. We firmly believe that sustainability comprises more than environmental awareness and energy efficiency – it also includes a robust, thorough and futureproof approach. In our definition, a sustainable design involves an integral design; innovations in terms of technology, materials and processes must be part and parcel of the initial design concepts. We have noticed that pioneering leads to solidarity and team spirit. The enthusiasm is infectious and inspires to achieve solutions with outstanding technological and architectural features.

We have found that pioneering new ways of working fosters solidarity: team spirit ensures that everyone is and feels part of a project’s success, and shares the enthusiasm about the result. Our philosophy is that the broader the perspective, and the more in-depth the understanding of the brief, the more precise and well-defined the solution. For us, the process encompasses more than the design and delivery of the building alone. We have extensive experience in public-private partnership projects in the Netherlands and with that have a good knowledge of designing for the entire lifecycle of a building. Accordingly we deliver tailor-made, sustainable buildings that are efficient to maintain.

Mission and vision

The strength of our architecture lies in the precision and character of our response. The architecture of Team V is effective and refined. Robust and functional. Expressive and original. Team V Architecture searches for an accurate and evocative solution to each brief. We give space and shape to the expectations and desires of all parties involved. The synergy of function and beauty. However, our work encompasses more than the design and delivery of the building alone. Architecture connects and brings people together. For us a building is not finished when it opens. It is just getting ready to contribute to culture and society.


Picture of Do Janne Vermeulen