Architect Paul Dowsett on sustainable building in Toronto

In September, Parallel 52, in close cooperation with the Embassy of Canada in the Hague, organized a session with architect Paul Dowsett. Paul founded based in Toronto. He earlier visited the Netherlands as an industry expert to visit greenbuild sector companies. Professor Anke van Hal, co-founder of Parallel 52, opened the session with a great presentation on her first months in Toronto, where she lives. She looked back at the strong Dutch presence at CaGBC 2016.

The audience consisted of twenty-five greenbuild professionals from the Netherlands that are interested in learning about opportunities in Canada. Parallel 52 will continue to organize sessions with expert speakers, either live or via video conference.  The Embassy of Canada was happy with the turn-out. The embassy sees opportunities, especially with free trade agreement CETA. The agreement between Canada and the EU is the most comprehensive agreement that Canada ever signed. 

CETA offers benefits to the greenbuild sector.  Primary benefits are access to government procurement projects, education accreditation and more options for staff exchanges.   

Friday, September 23, 2016 -
16:00 to 18:00