CaGBC 2016 in Toronto

  • Posted on: 12 June 2016
  • By: Diederik Beutener

The Dutch delegation (largest from Europe in fact) visit to CaGBC 2016 in Toronto was a success.  The companies ANDRS, Verosol, Jaga, Priva and Reppel had their respresentatives at the pavilion. Also Parallel 52 was represented by Anke van Hal, one of the initiators.  Overall, the exhibition, next to the conference was a good way to interact with the 1500 attendees: city planners, architects, local government agencies and companies.  During the week Parallel 52 organized a virtual meeting at CISCO offices (Toronto, Amsterdam) in which greening of exisiting offices was the topic.  Thirteen architects and investors discussed their thoughts and were enthusiastic about the next session. We were honoured to see Mr. Thomas Mueller, President and CEO of the CaGBC at the event.

The pre-CaGBC tour of Toronto included remarkable green buildings which offered the European delegations a chance to meet with building operators and owners.  Striking where the MaRS building and the numerous projects underway at the Toronto Waterfront. 

Next year, the CaGBC is held in Vancouver, on the West coast of Canada and Dutch and Canadian government are preparing programmes for that event. What we noticed is a need for interaction with key decision makers at and around CaGBC. Focused, short information sessions are appreciated.  CaGBC will again be interested in hearing from the European delegates on how they can deliver better programme.