Architect Paul de Ruiter visits Toronto

  • Posted on: 1 June 2016
  • By: Diederik Beutener

Dutch architect Paul de Ruiter, one of the most inspiring green architects in The Netherlands, is a keynote speaker during the CaGBC-conference Building Lasting Change 2016 in Toronto, June 6 till 8. He will speak about the CO2-neutral society in the morning of June 7. One day before he will share his view on sustainable building based on a description of some of his buildings.  This presentation is at the Toronto town hall, 1.30 PM, initiated by the City of Toronto, the University of Toronto and the Dutch Consulate in Toronto.

Wednesday, June 8 Paul will attend the virtual meeting of Parallel52 between Canadian and Dutch professionals  about the greening of existing offices. His visit to the CaGBC-conference takes place in relation to the MoU, signed last year, between the Canadian and Dutch Green Building Councils. The intention of the MoU is to share experiences and inspire each other in greening the built environment.