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Hi my name Charjan Steenhuis, Parallel 52° coordinator and contributer and formerly active as project officer sustainable building at the Dutch consulate in Toronto. Currently  I am a researcher Sustainable Housing Transformation at the Faculty of Architecture of the Delft University of Technology. Through my time in Toronto and the position I have now in Delft, I experienced the power of Parallel 52. Connecting people, exchanging knowlegde and organizing events all under one wing but only possible with contributions of all involved.

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Hi, I am Jesper Menting and I am one of the admins of this website. I'm also working as Parallel52 coordinator.  In 2016 I have worked at the Dutch Consulate in Vancouver as researcher sustainable building, and I'm currently focusing my graduation research on what elements architects can use for more sustainable buildings. I have an interest in sustainability because I think it leads to beautiful and exciting architecture, and I'm looking forward to what projects and ideas others have to share on this website!  

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Hello! My name is Vincent Steenkamp, master student Management in the Built Environment at the Delft University of Technology. As a student assistant I am working on HomeMates, an expertise platform initiated by Anke van Hal that focusses on the residents perspective in energy friendly renovation processes. After my bachelors in Architecture I had the opportunity to do an internship at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Vancouver where I did research on sustainable building. The internship gave me an insight in what the building sector of West Canada and the Netherlands can learn from each other and I still use my examples from Vancouver in projects of my master. This forum is a very good start to inspire each other with best practices of both countries!   

Hello! I am Stijn Wiegerinck, MSc-student in Construction Management & Engineering at the faculty of Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology. Currently, I am a research intern at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Vancouver, where I perform research on sustainable building and energy. After I finished my bachelor in Architecture, I started this master last september and left for Vancouver early February. Until early August of this year, I will be at the consulate and you can reach me for all kinds of questions regarding sustainable building and the energy sector in (Western) Canada. I am happy to support anyone or any Dutch company in this field. I think the main goal for this platform is to make it possible for people to get and stay in touch and interchange knowledge and ideas. I hope I can make a contribution to this!

I am professor sustainable building at the Delft university of Technologies and Nyenrode Businness Universiteit. I am also initiator, together with Annemarie van Doorn, CEO of the DGBC, of Parallel52. This is the Dutch Canadian Building and Planning network. 

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Dear all, I am Do Janne Vermeulen, architect and founding partner of Team V Architecture. Continuously aiming for high level and future proof buildings and in various projects searching for innovative sustainability: renovating existing large scale offices and university building, designing a tall timber appartment tower in Amsterdam. I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion with colleagues in Toronto on green offices in the virtual meeting room: very valuable to exchange between countries.