Embassy Canada The Hague

The Canadian federal government has trade commissioners based around the world. The Netherlands also has an office of the trade commissioner service. The country has strong commercial links with Canada and is a major export market for Canada. The Netherlands is also the largest foreign direct investor in Canada, larger than Germany and Japan together! Over two hundred Dutch companies are established in Canada. 

Trade commissioners organize business events in priority areas for Canada, such as the greenbuild sector. We coordinate missions and work with local contractors to deliver major projects such as European conferences. On a daily basis, we support hundreds of Canadian companies with their expansion into Europe. This is very much a hands-on process.  We are the “Rolodex” for companies finding lawyers, local government agencies, distributors, end users and logistics firms.  

We work closely with Dutch partners in investment, trade and innovation. We annually invite greenbuild  champions to the Netherlands. Champions are key in convincing Dutch companies to establish in Canada. We assist Dutch companies that are creating jobs in Canada with their business expansion and as mentioned many companies have found their way to Canada  From opening doors at City hall to finding local partners and offering help navigate the regulatory environment. All in light of building a more prosperous Canada.

A few words from our Ambassador Sabine Nölke:

"I look forward to being a part of what has been an excellent collaboration between our Embassy and Parallel52.  This year, my staff is helping promote Dutch attendance to the annual Canadian Green Building Conference in Toronto, which will bring together cities, builders, architects and media from across Canada and around the globe. The sort of cooperation promoted by Parallel52 is precisely the sort of activity that my team and I enthusiastically support."

Diederik Beutener

Trade Commissioner / Agent Commercial