Workshop Sustainable Housing and Neighbourhood Transformation

  • Posted on: 10 February 2016
  • By: Jesper Menting

June 5th, Architecture Faculty Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

Following the Canada Green Building Council Expo and live video Cisco sessions, Parallel52 in collaboration with the Dutch Consulate in Toronto, Cisco, City of Toronto, Ryerson University and Nyenrode Business University, conveyed a private workshop in June, 2014. This workshop was a reputable finale for the Toronto – Netherlands collaboration over the last months.

A Dutch delegation, including Anke van Hal, Chris Heerius from Jaga convectors and Ad Tissink from Dutch building magazine Cobouw, joined the sixty participants in the Architecture Faculty of Ryerson University. Here, Dutch and Canadian approaches on Sustainable Housing and Neighbourhood Transformation were contrasted and compared to identify opportunities to work on strengthening results.

The workshop focused on 4 topics:

  • Government – getting the future right
  • Technology solutions and the role of industry
  • Transforming housing and neighbourhoods/Up scaling
  • Energy – the role in transformation

After inspiring introduction presentations on the four topics, participants gathered around 4 tables to discuss the different topics, which resulted into a lively brainstorm session.

The tables have been termed with the action objectives in mind as follows:

  • What will it take for government to get the future right? Decide on the right roles for city planning, public health, building code and education/training.
  • Your bright future with technology. Will the promise finally be kept?  How will technology help deliver sustainability?
  • Transforming buildings/neighbourhoods isn’t enough.  You have to make people’s lives better.  How to best address the human factor? How to scale up?
  • We are using dinosaur energy technology. How will we be able to implement a 22nd century energy (smart grid) approach?

The workshop has already been successful as fruitful ideas, inspirations and collaborations were exchanged amongst the sixty enthusiastic participants. This promises exiting follow-ups as we are already brainstorming on new inspiring continuations. Please find the presentations of the speakers below: