Rotterdam Climate Initiative

Most sustainable world port city. As a low-lying delta city with Europe’s largest international port, Rotterdam takes its responsibility seriously in creating a sustainable city, region and Europe. By linking sustainable ambitions to a strong economy, Rotterdam will become the most sustainable world port city.

Mission & ambition
Improving the climate for the benefit of people, the environment, and the economy; that is the challenge confronted by the collective initiators; Port of Rotterdam, the City of Rotterdam, employers’ organization Deltalinqs, and DCMR Environmental Protection Agency Rijnmond.The Rotterdam Climate Initiative creates a movement in which government, organizations, companies, knowledge institutes, and citizens collaborate to achieve a fifty per cent reduction of CO2 emissions, adapt to climate change, and promote the economy in the Rotterdam region.

Concrete internal and external measures the company has taken and (if available) yielded results
In 2011 the City of Rotterdam realized a great number of sustainable investments with a value of 235 million euro’s.

These investments are related to reduction of CO2 emissions and climate change.  Examples are investments in heating systems (145,5 million euro), CO2 capture for horticulture through a new developed biofuel plant Abengoa (35 million euro) and investments in energy reduction of social housing projects (10,9 million). At the end of 2013 Rotterdam has realized a minimum of 350 million euro investments in sustainable developments of the city which also is an important driver for employment in the area, a better quality of life and a more attractive businessclimate. Rotterdam Climate Initiative has realized a base for the transition towards the most sustainable harborcity of the world.

An english version of the sustainability monitor of Rotterdam will soon be available at:

For Rotterdam the value of the network is to inspire other cities in the world when it comes to achieving our goals and be inspired by them. Just as we are, Vancouver is a harbour city. From there we share specific challenges in the field of sustainability.

Contact person
Fred Akerboom, +31-10-267 2901

Rotterdam Climate Initiative
p/a Office for Sustainability and Climate Change
City of Rotterdam
P.O. Box 6575
3002 AN  ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands +31-10-267 2123

Number of employees: 30