Key Facts

Building Automation and Horticulture
Active in Western Europe, Canada, Mexico and China
Family owned for over 50 years
420 Employees

Products and services

Priva develops hardware and software systems for process optimization and climate control in horticultural and living & working environments.

Vision on sustainability

Priva derives its raison d’être from the challenge to develop structural solutions to the complex, global water, food and energy-related problems. Solutions in which improving returns on primary operating processes goes hand in hand with care for well-being and sustainability. Priva is leading in developing and producing technology designed to optimize primary processes in a sustainable and innovative manner by controlling environmental conditions. Priva offers solutions enabling others to create environments which anticipate the physical and mental needs of people, plants and animals.

In the built environment, optimizing primary processes means that Priva wants to be leading in developing and producing intelligent building automation systems which create living and working environments that perfectly fit the objectives and core needs of the user and party concerned. For the horticulture market, optimizing primary processes means that Priva wants to be leading in developing and producing process automation systems which help growers achieve higher yields per square metre while minimizing the use of scarce natural resources such as energy and water.

Concrete internal and external measures the company has taken and yielded results


CleanTech Star

At the end of 2009, Priva was named CleanTech Star by the World Wildlife Fund. This prestigious prize is awarded by the Dutch WWF to the most promising future-oriented company in terms of the contribution to CO2 reduction. We won the prize because our solutions contribute to sustainability in the sectors in which we are active: public and industrial buildings and horticulture. In other respects, the prize symbolizes the winner’s obligation to contribute towards a sustainable world. Never before did the World Wildlife Fund choose a company to be CleanTech Star.

CO2 –neutral headquarters

The Priva Campus in the Netherlands still stands as an example of Priva’s innovative spirit. In this CO2-neutral building we show what we can achieve in office buildings.

Products and services the company supplies related to sustainable business


Solutions for building management

Priva’s building management division develops and produces solutions for intelligent building & energy management.
Priva Top Control
Priva Top Control is the complete software family for intelligent building control in which applications work closely with each other and with the Priva controllers. With an integrated system you can efficiently maintain and control the building.

Compri HX Controller

At the heart of your building control system is the Compri HX controller. The powerful microprocessor, the extensive memory and the many safety provisions guarantee complete and reliable operation. The embedded internet technology of the Compri HX offers you browser operation, alarm reports via e-mail and data-exchange via XML. The controller also utilizes existing communication possibilities: via modems, the user’s IT network and wireless LAN.

Comforte CX, the individual room controller

The Comforte CX is the ultimate solution for individual room control. It is a compact and quickly installed control unit which is situated in the room, along with the Comset CX control unit. With intelligent control strategies and a user friendly operation, the Comset CX can be used flexibly to control each room individually.
Priva TC Energy, the integrated tool for energy management
TC Energy represents a new way to monitor and manage energy consumption. As part of  Priva Top Control, TC Energy collects all the energy data from the building management system and converts it into graphically- illustrated, easy-to-use reports. And it’s all online. Priva Building Management Systems are energy management ready, which means that only limited engineering and investments are needed to get started.

Solutions for horticulture

Priva’s horticulture division develops and supplies products and services for sustainable, innovative climate control to its end users in horticulture worldwide. We provide them with solutions in the form of knowledge and products through our international network of Priva dealers. Our products help optimize processes dealing with climate, water, energy and labor, ranging from process computers, air treatment systems and fertilizer dosage systems to labor registration. The use of Priva products is always geared to the local circumstances.

What is the value of the network for the company

Priva’s vision on entrepreneurship is: you never engage in an enterprise all by yourself! There are still too few companies that see the real value of stimulating entrepreneurship and knowledge sharing and the return it brings.
Having an office in both Canada and The Netherlands, we can benefit from the network regarding discussions with the authorities, sharing sales leads and integrating products from within the Network to create solutions better suiting the Canadian market.


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Priva North America
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Number of employees: 420