For more than 40 years, Jaga has led the world in heating and cooling concepts, innovation and art. Jaga has only been available in North America for a short time, but our products have already found their way into several notable projects including the Evergreen Brickworks Building in Toronto, the World Trade Center Museum in New York and the Cite Verte project in Montreal. As the demand for comfortable, energy-efficient products increases, more architects, engineers and contractors are turning to our stylish and energy-efficient solutions.

Products and services of the company
We deliver hydronic heating and cooling solutions. Our proprietary Low-H20 system has helped save energy in many buildings throughout the world. With more than 500 employees, we are active in 40-plus countries. We maintain office locations in Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, England, Germany and Canada. We also export products to countries including Australia, China and Japan.

Vision on sustainability
At Jaga, we want to do more than just conduct business. We want to develop a culture that encourages creativity and expression. We want to help people and businesses differentiate themselves from the masses and creating a unique, distinctive voice. And we want to do all of this in a way that helps preserve the Earth’s natural resources for future generations to enjoy.

Concrete internal and external measures the company has taken and yielded results
Jaga uses Life Cycle Assesments in the process of developing new products.

Products and services the company supplies related to sustainable business
Jaga develops energy-saving heating and cooling solutions that use less energy and less raw materials. We always choose the most ecological production method when manufacturing our products.

What is the value of the network for the company
For Jaga, this network is a place to share both market and product information. It provides an insight and access to both the Canadian and Dutch market.
Sustainability is in the DNA of our organization and through this network we can work with the other founding partners to share our expertise and knowledge.


Chris Heerius

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