Lunch lecture Craig Applegath

  • Posted on: 30 September 2018
  • By: Lotte Meijers

Last week (27 September) Craig Applegath gave an inspiring lecture about sustainable wooden high-rise buildings at the Faculty of Architecture in Delft. He spoke about how his architectural firm DIALOG has been exploring the opportunity of developing an 100+ storey wood-hybrid mixed-use tower prototype with the following five objectives:

 First, through the design of a building prototype, explore how to most effectively design a high-rise building using a combination of wood, steel concrete and other materials, so as to maximize the use of sustainably harvested wood by volume, thereby significantly improving the ecological footprint of the tall building sector.

Second, to use this prototype as an opportunity to demonstrate how DIALOG can design a net-zero carbon high-rise building and thereby implement the 2030 challenge on high-rise buildings.

Third, to use this prototype as an opportunity to explore strategies for effectively integrating the tower into the surrounding urban fabric in a manner that supports and increases community wellbeing.

Fourth, to use this prototype as an opportunity to explore how to develop a “vertical landscape” and explore opportunities for meeting the human biophylic needs of the building’s future residents, as well as increasing the natural capital and ecosystem services of the site.

Fifth, to use computational/generative (CD/GD) design modeling to link the building’s envelope design to the building’s energy efficiency through the use of parametric modeling and analysis tools including process project analytics

During his presentation he referred to HAUT, a wooden high-rise building, designed by one of Parallel52’s  partners, TeamV. After his lecture there he offered the opportunity to ask him questions. This resulted in an interesting discussion about sustainability and this extreme high-rise building .