Virtual meeting Cisco

  • Posted on: 15 March 2018
  • By: Lotte Meijers

An event last week organized by Parallel52: Dutch and Canadian architects met via CISCO videoconference systems, set up in Toronto and Amsterdam. The topic of this fourth discussion sponsored by CISCO was on international collaboration between architectural firms. After a presentation by the Canadian Embassy on CETA for fifteen minutes, a discussion started about changes in labour mobility and government procurement, among others. The participants were enthusiastic and would like to continue discussions with potential partners on a range of topics.  Canadian participants requested for example help with TED (an online database with EU tenders) to find projects in the Netherlands that they could bid on. It was clear from the discussion that there still is a need for a local partner to meet local building regulations.

Attending were two architectural firm already: Dialog (4 studios, 750 FTE, founding principal Craig Applegath and Team-V Architects. The partnership is on wood residential high rises. It was good to hear that so far, they entered into two tenders for high rises in Toronto. The combination of Dutch architectural design with Canadian tall wood building expertise is what made this partnership work.

Other architectural firms attending were KIRKOR Architects + Planners (Marco VanderMaas), Sustainable.TO (Steve Socha), Paul de Ruiter Architects (Annemiek Bleumink), ORGA architect (Daan Bruggink), Craig Race, Coolearth Architecture (Sheena Sharp), Toronto Community Housing (Sheila Penny) and Moriyama-Teshima (Daniel Teramura, principal, 60 FTE).

The picture above shows the team in Toronto. (Left to right:  Bill McGowan, Daniel Teramura , Craig Applegath, Steve Socha , Sheena Sharp (4 FTE), Marco van der Maas, not on picture: Graig Race). The session lasted from 15:30 until 17:15.
CISCO funds the ‘airtime’ as partner of Parallel 52.


Diederik Beutener
Trade Commissioner
The Netherlands