Trade mission climate change resiliency

  • Posted on: 21 January 2018
  • By: Lotte Meijers

Last October a Dutch trade mission to Vancouver and Toronto took place around the topic climate change resiliency. The event included several workshops, speakers and network events that relate to the challenges that both Canada and the Netherlands are facing to ensure liveable cities in the future. Some of these challenges include spatial planning, water management, storms, fire hazards, transit, soil remediation and social equity. None of these topics can be dealt separately and an integral approach is required.

To survive in a country as the Netherlands the Dutch are over centuries used to interdisciplinary planning and design of their land to live, work and recreate within the boundaries of nature. In collaboration with Canadian counterparts they are able to provide integrated solutions regarding the challenges for the design of a resilient urban fabric. The solutions address challenges such as aging and deteriorated infrastructure, heat stress in the built environment, pluvial and fluvial flooding, soil remediation, transit oriented development and sustainable architecture. Especially for the great Canadian cities Toronto and Vancouver, joint efforts will make the already thriving relationship even more successful and fit for the future.

In the picture above speaker Henk Ovink is speaking. He is the first Special Envoy International Water Affairs of the Netherlands, the head of the trade mission