Dutch Canadian Sustainable Planning and Building Network

Sustainable and Green development are important topics in the Netherlands and in Canada. A growing number of businesses and organizations active in the building sector are interested how to involve sustainability in their products and services.

Innovation, sustainable buildings and sustainable cities are important topics in the Netherlands and Canada. Both countries have a high ambition on the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Because of the long lasting relationship between the Netherlands and Canada on a governmental, scientific and business level, the idea was born to create the Dutch Canadian Sustainable Planning and Building Network to support Dutch and Canadian entrepreneurs and academics to explore, create and improve (international) business and academic opportunities in the field of sustainability of the built environment.

This idea of a ‘Golden Triangle’, connecting businesses, academics and governments, is  embraced by Dutch and Canadian Companies, Universities and the Dutch and Canadian Embassy, at four different meetings we’ve organized in the Netherlands and in Canada.

These meetings were attended by developers, architects, planners, landscape designers, municipal government agencies and representatives from industry, active in Sustainable City Planning, Construction and Sustainable Design.

The network is based on a longer term cooperative relationship between Canada and the Netherlands. The network is an initiative of Anke van Hal (Nyenrode Business University and Delft University of Technology) and Annemarie van Doorn (Green Business Club). Founding Partners of the network are Jaga, Priva, Cofely, Park 2020, Rotterdam Climate Initiative and Walas Concepts.

In September 2012 the Network, the website and the agenda for 2013 of the Network are officially launched at the Dutch Green Building Week.

Founding Partners of the Network will be invited to join the Programme Board and to identify projects and themes for the Network. Three projects,  “Social Housing”, Transformation of existing neighbourhoods and local “Green Business Clubs” are the first projects to be adopted.


The Dutch Canadian Sustainable Planning and Building Network collaborates with:

  • Nyenrode Business University
  • TU Delft
  • University of British Colombia
  • Green Business Club
  • Dutch Green Building Council
  • Canadian Green Building Council
  • Dutch Consul in Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa
  • Canadian Embassy
  • Dutch Embassy